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Conference date: March 22, 2012
Room 630T, Haaren Hall

Final Conference Schedule

8.30 – 9.00 Coffee, Breakfast and Registration
9.00 – 10.00

Keynote Address: Dr. Dora Schriro, Commissioner, NYC Department of Corrections:
Envisioning a Civil System of Civil Detention: Our Opportunity, Our Challenge
Improving Conditions of Confinement and Community Supervision for Immigrant Detainees
Guiding Principles for the Continuing Professionalization of Systems of Immigrant Detention and Community Supervision

10.00 – 11.30

Panel 1: Procedural Justice

  • Judith Greene, Justice Strategies. Local Democracy on ICE: Why State and Local Governments Have No Business in Federal Immigration Law Enforcement
  • Juan Pedroza, Urban Institute. Removal Roulette: Uneven Immigration Enforcement in “Secure Communities"
  • Pradine Saint-Fort, Vera Institute of Justice. Promising Law Enforcement Programs and Practices to Better Serve Immigrant Communities
  • Michele Waslin, PhD.  American Immigration Council. Driving While Immigrant:  Driver’s License Policy and Immigration Enforcement
  • Discussant: Dinni Gordon, Professor Emeritus, CUNY.
11.30 – 1.00

Panel 2: Social Justice

  • Fenix Arias, PhD, John Jay College/CUNY Graduate Center. Left Behind: Children of Dominican Deportees in a Bulimic Society
  • Jorge Chavez, PhD, Bowling Green State University. Collateral Consequences: Exploring the Impact of Immigration Policies on Latino Immigrant Families in North Central Indiana
  • Yolanda Martin, John Jay College/CUNY Graduate Center. Context Matters:  The Social Ecology of Forced Mobilization of Immigrants –Shame, Trauma, and Heroin Abuse among Deportees in the DR
  • Shirley Leyro, John Jay College/CUNY Graduate Center. The Effect of Deportation on Community Social Organization
  • Discussant: Robert C. Smith, PhD, Baruch College/CUNY Graduate Center
1.00 – 2.30

President's Luncheon, featuring an interdisciplinary panel discussion on Criminalization and Due Process: Deportation Proceedings and Detention in the Destination West

  • Lindsay N. Marshall, Esq., Executive Director of the Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project
  • Jennifer Friedman, Esq., Immigration Supervisor for Bronx Defenders
  • Markus Gonzalez Beilfuss, Professor of Constitutional Law, Barcelona University; former Immigration Director General of the Spanish Government
  • Moderator: Rania Khalek, Journalist, Salon and Alternet
2.30 – 4.00

Panel 3: Criminal Justice

  • Rosemary Barberet, PhD, and Diana Rodriguez, John Jay College. Violence Against Migrants, Migrant Workers and Their Families: An International Review of Research
  • Robert Garot, PhD, John Jay College. Immigration Law and Discretion in Contemporary Italy
  • Christopher Lyons, PhD and Maria Velez, PhD, University of New Mexico. Neighborhood Immigration, Violence, and City Political Opportunity Structures
  • Ramiro Martinez, PhD, and Jacob Stowell, PhD, Northeastern University. Local Context and National Consequences: Homicide Variations Across Time
  • Discussant: David Brotherton, PhD, John Jay College/CUNY Graduate Center
4.00 – 5.30

Panel 4: Economic Justice

  • Jenna Loyd, PhD, Syracuse University. Where is Remote?: Geographic Perspectives on Overlapping Landscapes of Imprisonment and Immigrant Detention
  • Martin Schoenteich, Esq., Open Society Institute and John Jay College. Exploring the applicability of group threat theory, subcultural diversity theory and intergroup contact theory in respect of majority group support for punitive criminal justice policy in the context of large-scale immigration in the United States and Germany
  • Daniel Stageman, John Jay College/CUNY Graduate Center. 'These Illegals': personhood and the political economy of punishment in federal-local immigration enforcement partnerships
  • Hung-En Sung, PhD, John Jay College. Crime and Justice among ‘Out-Laws’: Victimizing and Policing Undocumented Migrant Workers
  • Discussant: Monica Varsanyi, PhD, John Jay College/CUNY Graduate Center
5.30 – 6.15

Reception for Conference Presenters and Attendees:
Hosted by President Jeremy Travis, in the President's Office