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Jane Bowers

Karen Kaplowitz
Faculty Senate President

James Llana
Associate Provost

Steering Committee
Avram Bornstein

Jane Bowers

Bettina Carbonell

Angela Crossman

Jannette Domingo
Graduate Studies Dean

Karen Kaplowitz
English/Faculty Senate Chair

Thomas Kucharski

Michael Leippe

James Llana
Associate Provost

Anne Lopes
Undergraduate Dean

RoseMarie Maldonado
Legal Counsel

Allison Pease

Robert Pignatello
SVP Finance

Richard Saulnier
VP Enrollment Mgmt


For additional information contact:
James (Jim) Llana
Associate Provost

Workgroup #5
Faculty & Educational Activities

Standard 10: Faculty
The institution's instructional, research, and service programs are devised, developed, monitored, and supported by qualified professionals.

Standard 13: Related Educational Activities
The institution's programs or activities that are characterized by particular content, focus, location, mode of delivery, or sponsorship meet appropriate standards.

Workgroup 5 Charge
In the wake of the decision to restore liberal arts programs, the College was able to hire a significant number of new faculty over the last several years (although the number has declined in the last year). Workgroup 5 will ask questions about staffing levels, faculty qualifications and activities, especially faculty involvement in constructing and monitoring the curriculum. Data from the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) and other surveys have revealed much about who our faculty are, their aspirations, and concerns. We look to this workgroup for an analysis of, and recommendations for, both faculty development and staffing levels.

Standard 13 is a large umbrella covering a range of educational programs, on and off campus; the charge in this area is to insure that they align with the Mission, conform to our academic standards, and have proper oversight and staffing. In the case of distance education, the workgroup will consider the recommendations of the Task Force on Distance Education in light of new standards from Middle States.

Workgroup Members

Name Department/Center
1. Jannette Domingo (Co-chair)
2. Avram Bornstein* (Co-chair)
3. Karen Terry
4. Meghan Duffy
5. Kevin Nesbitt
6. William Pangburn
7. Vipul Rana
8. Carmen Solis*
9. Raul Rubio*
10. Fang Weng (Has not officially responded yet)
11. Kimora*
Graduate & Professional Studies
Academic Affairs
Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Academic Affairs
Instructional Technology Support Services
Foreign Languages
Director of Distance Education
Department of Law and Police Science
Strategic Planning Subcommittee Liaison to the group is Professor Harold Sullivan.
Recorder for the group is Ms. Gwen Alexis.
* = Faculty Member
Click on the name of a Co-Chair if you wish to contact them regarding a standard for their working group





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