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Alumni Executive Board

Michael F. McCann
BS'74, JD

Richard Gallo
BS'79, MPA'82, MA '85,
First Vice President,

Teresa (Teri) Coaxum
BA'93, MPA'08
Second Vice President

Raymond Maniscalco
BS'77, MA'87
Third Vice President

Thomas Belfiore
BA'79, MA'96

Suzanne J. Chiofolo

Ronald Spadafora

Linda M. Gimlett MA’77
At-Large Executive

Nicole N. Hanson MA’03
At-Large Executive

Linda M. Reynolds MA’80
At-Large Executive

Andrew J. Schweighardt MA’09
At-Large Executive

Special thanks...

As 2012 commences, the exciting “Founding Generation Initiative” is well underway under the leadership of alumnus Richard Koehler BA'73, summa cum laude, JD and committee members: Larry BS'73 & Carol BA'74 Amaker; Linda Gimlett MA'77; Robert Louden, MA'77, PhD; Peter Mancuso BA'79; Michael McCann BS'74, JD; Bruce Robertson MPA'95 and Ronald Spadafora BS'86. For supporting and facilitating the Year-End Alumni Phonathon, we thank Alumni Executive Board (AEB) volunteers: Tom Belfiore MA'96, Treasurer; Yvette Brickhouse BA'07; Richard Gallo BA'79, MPA'82, MA'85, 1st Vice President; Nicole Hanson MA'03; Derek Jackson BA'82; Kevin James CUNY BA'01, JD; Je'Reivien Kayo BA'02; Michael McCann BS'74, JD, President; Sheila Nickens MA'85; Linda Reynolds MA'80 and Craig Schwab MA'02. Finally, congratulations are in order for recently elected AEB Directors At-Large: Linda Gimlett MA’77; Nicole Hanson MA’03; Linda Reynolds MA’80 and Andrew Schweighardt MA’09. John Jay is indebted to all undergraduate and graduate alumni, within and outside the US, who ably represented the College in 2011. Very best wishes to all for a healthy, prosperous new year!

Building the College's Future Brick by Brick
Join the growing ranks of alumni taking the unique opportunity to leave their mark upon the College by purchasing a brick ($250 or $500), a tree ($1,000) or a bench ($5,000) on the Jay Walk, a 60,000 square foot esplanade that will link Haaren Hall to the new building on 11th Avenue. It's a way to both commemorate a significant person in your life as well as provide needed scholarships for our students through a tax-deductible donation. To learn more about this campaign, click here or call 212.237.8688.

College News

John Jay and New York Law School Launch Joint Degree Program
John Jay College of Criminal Justice and New York Law School (NYLS) announced the creation of a dual-degree M.A.-J.D. program in forensic psychology and law to train attorneys with a specialization in mental disability law, and train psychology graduate students in the legal system. The program will begin in the fall 2012 semester. The new dual-degree brings together two fully-developed programs at each institution: the Master of Arts degree in forensic psychology at John Jay and the Juris Doctor degree in law at NYLS. Qualified students will have the opportunity to earn both degrees within four years. The 128-credit program allows students to count 12 law school credits toward their M.A. degree and 12 M.A. credits towards their law degree, allowing them to graduate with both degrees in four years instead of five. Required courses include Survey of Mental Disability Law; Mental Health Professionals, Social Science, and the Law; Criminal Psychological Assessment; Criminal Law; and Legal Practice. Electives include such courses as Mental Disability and Criminal Law; Race, Gender, Class and Mental Disability; Forensic Reports, the Role of Experts and Forensic Ethics; and Custody Evaluations, Juvenile & Family Law, and Mental Disability. To be admitted into the program, students should apply separately and be accepted into both NYLS and John Jay. Students will have the option of beginning their first year in either of the two degree programs.

College Events

Request for Reunion Honoree Nominations
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Submission deadline

The Alumni Executive Board of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice seeks nominations for honorees who will be recognized at the Alumni Reunion in Spring 2012. The awards to be presented are:

* "Distinguished Alumna/Alumnus Award," recognizing an alumnus or an alumna whose outstanding professional accomplishments motivate and inspire our students to excel

* "Distinguished Faculty Award," recognizing a current or former faculty member whose leadership, achievements, and commitment to the College provide models for students to emulate

To submit a nomination, complete and e-mail the form below (one form per nominee) to by Tuesday, January 17, 2012. For further information, please call 212-237-8547.

2012 Alumni Reunion Honoree Nomination Form

I nominate ______________for the __________________ Award (2012)

Please include a statement describing why the nominee should receive the award noted above.

Please include the nominee's e-mail, phone, and, if available, a resume or bio. Feel free to reference online sources or enclose additional sheets.

Your Name_________________________________

Degree/Class (if applicable) ______ /________

Email _________________________________________

Phone _________________________________________

John Jay Affiliation ________________________________________________

On behalf of the Alumni Executive Board, thank you for your submission.

Best regards, Jerylle Kemp, Director of Alumni Relations

Student Government Presents...the John Jay Family Carnival!!!
Thursday, February 2, 2012                               2:00 –- 8:00 PM

The Student Government invites all alumni, their families, partners and significant others to a new event – the Family Carnival! Come and enjoy unlimited games, cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn ... and music provided by DJ Synfo & the Hot 97 team. Entrance fees are: $10 per adult and $5 per child (under 12 yrs.). Please remember to bring a donation of non-perishable goods to this event. The entire John Jay community is welcome.

John Jay College Gymnasium, 4th Floor, T-Building
899 Tenth Ave., NY, NY
(Entrance between W58 & W59)

7th Annual John Jay College/ Harry Frank Guggenheim Symposium on Crime in America
Monday, February 6, 2012
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Problem That Won't Go Away: How Drugs, Race and Politics Distort US Criminal Justice

Register Online at

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
99 Tenth Avenue
New York City

22nd Annual Malcolm King Breakfast
Friday, February 24, 2012

RSVP by Monday, February 20
Contact: 212.237.8764

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
899 Tenth Avenue
New York City

Please hold the date!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012                                     2:00 PM

President Travis and Founding Generation Committee Chairman Richard Koehler, BA'73 summa cum laude, MA, JD, invite alumni -- particularly graduates who attended prior to 1977 -- to a new initiative celebrating alumni, faculty and staff who were present during the formative years of John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Please hold the date. Details will follow.

2012 ALUMNI REUNION – Please hold the date!
Tuesday, March 27, 2012                                    5:00 PM

President Jeremy Travis and Alumni Board President Michael McCann, BS'74, JD invite graduates, faculty, and students to the 2012 Alumni Reunion on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 from 5:00 – 9:00 PM at the College. Alumni from all classes are invited, and we will recognize the Milestone Classes of '67, '72, '77, '82, '87, '92, '97, '02, and '07. Please hold the date. Details will follow.

Alumni Spotlight
Since graduating with a master's degree in Criminal Justice from John Jay at the age of 24, Bob Robson (BS '78, MS '80) has had a stellar political career in his adopted state of Arizona. Robson, who grew up in Queens, NY, comes from a long line of law enforcement officers. His grandfather spent 40 years with the NYPD, and assorted relatives all did "their twenties," he said. In addition, Robson's stepfather and brother-in-law were in the Secret Service. But law enforcement was not the path he chose. While a student at John Jay, Robson participated in a number of civic activities, including treasurer of his local community planning board. Just after he took his comprehensive exam for his graduate degree, Robson's father fell ill in Arizona, prompting his move out West. "I moved out here, bought a house, and went into the insurance business," he said. For 30 years, Robson has owned a Farmer's Insurance agency. "It was kind of interesting transitioning from Criminal Procedure Law to Comprehensive Personal Liability," he said. "CPL to CPL." Prior to serving as Vice-Mayor of Chandler for eight years, Robson was on the Chandler City Council. "I dealt with building a community that was one of the fastest growing in the United States," he said. "My degrees from John Jay actually helped because building a fire department and a police department, having intimate knowledge of those issues, was beneficial to the community development." Six months after leaving the City Council, Robson was elected to the Legislature in 2000. He became the longest-serving Speaker Pro Tempore in the history of the institution. In 2008, term limits forced him out, but Robson was elected again in 2010 and was appointed as Chairman of Employment and Regulatory Affairs. He is also a member of the Commerce and Rules Committees. Among the critical issues he has tackled is identity theft – "before it became popular," Robson said. He dealt with state agencies and municipalities to make sure that people's identities would not be given out freely over the Internet and that documents that contained Social Security numbers were redacted. Robson also worked on sex offender legislation. But his major triumph, he said, was on the educational front. A $1.2 billion project, all three of Arizona's universities now have bioscience facilities. It's fitting that education is where Robson believes he's made one of his major marks. In addition to insurance and politics, Robson is also a professor of practice at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University (ASU). "We forged a relationship between ASU and John Jay," said Robson, referring to a partnership launched in 2008 to develop cross-country criminology programs, enhance research efforts and strengthen ties between academia and practitioners. "I was one of the prime movers and shakers on that." Robson said he always wanted to attend John Jay. During his time there, he noted, the number of students from outside law enforcement was limited. "It's an area I've always enjoyed and embraced. I always appreciated my time there. It's in my blood," he said.

Student Highlights
There are few awards and rewards for scholarship that John Jay senior Simon Lou has not received. Lou, an International Criminal Justice major, is on the Dean's List, is a Ronald E. McNair scholar and a Vera Fellow. He is member of the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. "I plan on going to graduate school," said the 21-year-old Lou. "I've applied to a few master's degree and doctoral programs." Lou, who was born in the United States, is a first-generation college student. His parents emigrated from China and do not speak English. It has definitely been a challenge, affirmed Lou. "Especially when you have to deal with specific issues," he said. "If they or I had to go to the hospital, I would have to attempt to translate medical terms. Or if we ever got into a legal arrangement, I have to translate the legal terms. Just learning those terms is pretty hard." Lou is interested in cyber crime. He is currently working with his mentor, Professor Maki Haberfeld, on his McNair research project, Learning to be a Digital Pirate: Comparing Attitudes towards Illegal Computer Downloading.
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