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Common Core circle Common Core
English Composition 6 Credits
Mathematical & Quantitative Reasoning 3 Credits
Life and Physical Sciences 3 Credits

World Cultures and Global Issues 3 Credits
U.S. Experience in its Diversity 3 Credits
Creative Expression 3 Credits
Individual and Society 3 Credits
Scientific World 3 Credits
Choice of One Flexible Core Course 3 Credits
Select One Course from any flexible Common Core area. If you needed to take FL 101, your additional course MUST be from the World Cultures area.

*Only One 300 Level College Option Course Required
Justice & The Individual 100 Level (1 Course)
Struggle For Justice & Equality in the U.S. (1 Course)
HIS 320, HON 301, ISP 321, LIT 326, LLS 322, LLS 325, LLS 326, POL 318

Justice In Global Perspective 300 Level (1 Course)*
Learning From the Past 3 Credits
AFR 150, AFR 204, AFR 239, ART 252, HIS 127, ISP 101, ISP 160, ISP 264, LIT 130, LIT 237, LLS 130

Communications 3 Credits
Struggles for Justice and Equality in the U.S.300 Level: Justice in Global PerspectiveCommunications 3 credit Life and Physical Sciences 3 credits Learning from the Past World Cultures and Global Issues 3 creditsU.S. Experience in its Diversity 3 creditsCreative Expression 3 creditsIndividual and Society 3 creditsScientific World 33 creditsChoice of of one Flexible Core course 3 creditsMathematical and Quantitative Reasoning 3 credits English Composition 6 Credits 100 Level: Justice and the Individual