Gun Violence 2017
America's Gun Epidemic - A Question of Public Health, Security, and Freedom

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The Gun Violence Initiative will explore in-depth, using an interdisciplinary framework and cross-sectional approaches, the highly contested issues of gun violence - its impact on individuals, families and entire communities - and, by extension, touch upon the highly polarized debate of gun control and gun rights in the country. Through convening, educating, engaging, mobilizing and empowering all stakeholders; presenting various research by our faculty; creating networks; publicizing and disseminating facts and findings; brainstorming on guiding principles and sensible policy recommendations with survivors of gun violence; and utilizing the media for extensive reporting and wide dissemination of event coverage, we aim at reaching a wide audience from multiple fields and disciplines.


Gun Violence in NYC Neighborhoods: - Conference Complementary Solutions from Law Enforcement and Public Health*
When: May 9, 10:00am - 2:00pm
Where: Moot Court, 6th Floor NB

Registration 9:30am
Panel Discussions 10am-12:45pm
Lunch 1-2pm

Luncheon Remarks
Gerry Byrne
Vice Chairman, PMC
Chair, The John A. Reisenbach Foundation
Trustee, John Jay College Foundation

Featured Panelists

Lt. Marc Moreno
NYPD/Crime Stoppers

Danny Peralta

Gregg Roberts
NYC Police Foundation

Ife Charles
Center for Court Innovation

Jeff Coots
John Jay College Prison to Public Health Initiative

Eric Cumberbatch
NYC Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice

Ric Curtis
John Jay College Professor and Researcher


Sheyla Delgado
John Jay College Research and Evaluation Center


The practitioners, policy professionals, and researchers featured will discuss the efforts that have transformed NYC into a national success story – and the need for further work to continue reducing the ongoing harms associated with stubborn gun violence.

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