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Founded in 1964 as a college to educate police officers in sciences and liberal arts, John Jay College of Criminal Justice has transformed into the preeminent national and international leader in educating for justice – a broadly economic, political, and criminal justice.<

Every facet of John Jay drives our promise of educating for justice: Our students, with diverse backgrounds and interests, thrive on challenging educational opportunities with high social relevance. Our faculty, with expertise in a range of academic disciplines, energize and advance research and education. This enriched learning experience highlights the themes of justice across the arts, science and humanities, imparting strong moral sensibilities, sharp critical reasoning and creative problem-solving skills to our students. The breadth and diversity of scholarship at John Jay reflect our continuing commitment to designing original strategies for improving individual live and remedying social problems of our city, nation and world.

As fierce advocates for justice, we are dedicated to providing a new vision of an education in justice that imbues our student with the skills, insights and passion to become agents of change.

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If you have any questions about the International Conference, please email IC2014@jjay.cuny.edu.