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In past years, the John Jay College Biennial International Conference has been held in St. Petersburg, Dublin, London, Budapest, Bologna, Bucharest, San Juan, Marrakesh and New York. Each Conference has successfully brought together scholars, policymakers, activists and representatives of international organizations from around the globe to promote an in-depth interdisciplinary dialogue on and understanding of justice issues.

The 2014 International Conference, which will be held in Athens, Greece, will focus on the theme, The Rule of Law in an Era of Change: Security, Social Justice and Inclusive Governance. This theme is reflective of the array of political, social and economic transformations before us that pose critical challenges to individual and collective welfare. While a consensus has yet to emerge from the ongoing global debates on how to address these challenges, there is a growing realization that our collective responses must be guided by the rule of law.  The many controversies surrounding the rule of law’s content, reach and use notwithstanding, it does constitute, as a recent United Nations resolution noted, the basis “on which just and fair societies are built.”  In the context of the severe social and economic stress currently experienced by many societies, it is imperative to reaffirm the importance of accountability for all to fair and equitable laws, and entitlement for all to equal protection of the law, so as to ensure inclusive social orders and enhance the prospects for social justice.

This 2014 International Conference will provide an interdisciplinary forum for scholars, government officials, representatives of intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations, and civic leaders to critically discuss current rule of law-related research, policies and practices, explore ways of strengthening the rule of law in all forms of governance, and engage with pressing demands for social justice.  It is the expectation of the organizers that several publications (books and/or special issues of scholarly journals) will result from the Conference.

If you have any questions about the International Conference, please email IC2014@jjay.cuny.edu.