John Jay students reflected on their experiences with immigration and/or deportation and what it means to them to “be an AMERICAN.”

1st prize—$200 :
Rose Mary Osorio (read Rose’s poem)

2nd prize—$100 :
Bismarck Martinez (read Bismarck’s poem)

3rd prizes—$50 each :
Angy Rivera (read Angy’s poem and Bio) and
Maoly Hernandez (read Maoly’s poem)

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about this initiative

The initiative is intended to bring the continuing legislative efforts around immigration – and the discourse that surrounds them – into the community life and curriculum of the college, to generate debate and conversation, and to engage our students (nearly half of whom are themselves immigrants or the children of immigrants) intellectually with issues that will likely have direct and profound effects on their own lives and those of their loved ones.

This project will bring together a series of activities and events in order to encompass as many of the multifaceted origins and impacts of deportation as possible. This collection of approaches is intended to paint a varied and textured picture of the issues surrounding migration generally and deportation in particular. READ MORE....

Featured Event

A CALL TO ACTION: Deportation Initiative Student & Community Closing Forum

Monday, December 9th, 2013
4pm to 6pm
East End Student Dining Hall, NB

Please rsvp to: spestel@jjay.cuny.edu

Moderated by Juan Benitez, NY1 – Noticias

The Honorable Francisco Moya, New York State Assemblyman
Jacki Esposito, Director of Immigration Advocacy at the New York Immigration Coalition
Andrea Callan, Statewide Advocacy Coordinator at New York Civil Liberties Union
Allan Wernick, Director of CUNY Citizenship Now
Jimmy Hernandez, Communications Director at Voto Latino
Mehdi Mahraoui, President of the John Jay College Dreamers Club
Danyeli Rodriguez, Vice President of the John Jay College Dreamers Club

This forum, the last event of our semester long Immigration and Deportation Initiative,
will provide an opportunity for John Jay students, faculty, and alumni to connect with
local advocacy organizations and other immigrant-focused non-profits to reflect on what
has been accomplished and what challenges lie ahead regarding immigration reform and
deportation policies.

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For any questions, please contact Bettina Muenster, bmuenster@jjay.cuny.edu