Message from Mehdi Mahraoui, Student Club President

Consider living in a condition of infinite danger, always cut off from security and welfare. Every day you feel liable for expulsion. Imagine the continuous practical threat of deportation, of being exiled permanently from the United States O– a nation you love and call home. The constant fear of separation from the people you love; the fear of even calling the police during emergency situations. Imagine not living in the realm of choice, like your peers, and having to accept a fate determined by political leaders. Imagine the fear of losing all of your hopes and dreams. Imagine growing up in the United States undocumented.

This past year, thousands of young, undocumented college students have emerged from societies shadows to share their personal stories. These undocumented individuals, known as DREAMers, were involuntarily brought to the United States as children, received an American education, and subsequently made this nation their homeland. Setting aside my fear and shame, I have been able to shed light on my painful struggles in hope of highlighting the need for immigration reform.

My story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/26/immigrants-obama_n_3333544.html

As a DREAMer, I strongly believe that our stories are powerful and can save us. Thus, in launching the DREAMers club, I hope to create a space at John Jay College where DREAmers can come together and use their voices to challenge social injustice.

Our Mission:
The DREAMers Club has been established to promote justice, advocate for a fair and comprehensive immigration law and policy, and foster an interest and understanding among the John Jay College student body on immigration issues, particularly those which impact undocumented college students – also known as DREAMers. Additionally, the DREAMers Club seeks to create a supportive space for documented and undocumented students to discuss immigration issues, while also challenging members to contribute to the public debate surrounding immigration reform.

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