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Please find below stories from the first half of April.





90.9 WBUR  •  04/1/2019

Professor of Forensic Science Marta Concheiro-Guisan spoke about drug testing on hair in Europe as opposed to using blood and urine in the United States (at 1:51 and 2:16 marks).




Marketplace  •  04/4/2019

Transportation Professor Jim Cohen spoke about high speed-rail transportation’s growth in California to NPR’s Marketplace (at 3:35 mark).




NY1 News  •  04/5/2019

A city-funded study by John Jay suggests that curbing gun violence through relationship building and conflict resolution works (at 2:07 mark).




GentNews  •  04/15/2019

Lucy Lang, Executive Director, Institute For Innovation In Prosecution at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, takes a look at courtroom scenes from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how accurate they really are. 







PoliticoNY  •  03/21/2019

PoliticoNY covered the release of John Jay’s Prisoner Reentry Institute report which mapped current prison education programs in New York State and makes suggestions for statewide improvements. 




NBCNEWS.com  •  04/2/2019

Assistant Professor of Economics Michelle Holder spoke about the double gap in pay between black, Native American, Latina women and white men with the same levels of education and work experience.




PennLive.com  •  04/3/2019

Associate Professor of Sociology Jamie Longazel wrote an op-ed about a school police officer assaulting a Latino student and the anti-immigrant sentiment rising in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.




The Hill  •  04/3/2019

Associate Professor of Public Policy Heath Brown wrote an Op-Ed to “The Hill” wrote about the importance of staffing decisions in executive branch of government.




NJ.com  •  04/4/2019

Lucy Lang, the Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution, spoke about the promising results from New Jersey’s historic move away from cash bail. 




Wall Street Journal  •  04/5/2019

Prof. Joshua D. Freilich helps track far-right extremism going back almost 30 years for the Wall Street Journal.




CNBC  •  04/5/2019

Professor of English Jonathan Gray spoke about the tonal missteps Warner Bros invoked in the DC Universe movies.




新浪新聞  •  04/5/2019

Professor of English Jonathan Gray spoke about the tonal missteps Warner Bros invoked in the DC Universe movies.




Los Angeles Times  •  04/5/2019

Professor Eugene O’Donnell, a use-of-force expert at John Jay, spoke about the unlikelihood of convicting on-duty police officers for shootings.




The Asbury Park Press  •  04/6/2019

Criminal Justice Professor Joe Giacalone spoke about how investigators determine pre-meditation in parental infanticide cases and safe haven laws in light of the Neptune parents charged with the murder of their infant son.




Los Angeles Times / Pro Publica  •  04/8/2019

Professor of Criminal Justice Dennis Jay Kenney spoke about the formula used by law enforcement agencies to engage in a high-speed pursuit given the narrower pursuit guidelines.




PoliceOne  •  04/8/2019

Forensic Science Professor Mechthild Prinz speaks about the demand for touch DNA testing.




Time Magazine  •  04/9/2019

Associate Professor of Public Policy Heath Brown, the author of “Immigrants and Electoral Politics” spoke about President Trump’s inability to get Congress to be tougher on immigration.




Free Press of Jacksonville  •  04/9/2019

John Jay College of Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation Center’s report showed that of high-risk youth living at home, supported by an intensive community-based program nationwide remaining, 86 percent remained arrest-free. 




Law.com  •  04/9/2019

Lucy Lang, Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution, co-wrote this opinion piece reflecting that despite a wealth of evidence showing public safety can be improved by connecting people to needed social and health services, the internal metrics of prosecutors’ offices do little to incentivize this course of action.




The Kansas City Star (Premium)  •  04/10/2019

Professor of Criminal Justice and Director of the National Network for Safe Communities David Kennedy spoke about the high number of open arrest warrants in jurisdictions nationwide.




The Minnesota Daily  •  04/10/2019

Psychology Professor Elizabeth Jeglic, an expert on sexual assault prevention, spoke about how combined advocacy has more power when working to change an issue such as sexual assault.




Futurity.org  •  04/11/2019

Professor and President of the Center for Policing Equity Phillip Atiba Goff coauthored the study “The criminogenic and psychological effects of police stops on adolescent black and Latino boys,” which found that police stops actually increase teen criminal behavior.




The Guardian (eClips Web)  •  04/11/2019

Jodie Roure, an Associate Professor of Latin American Studies at John Jay, speaks to the Guardian about femicide and the data on those crimes. 




Press Release Point  •  04/11/2019

Professor of Computer Science Shweta Jain spoke about eWitness, an authentication tool to help crime investigators and journalists/editors prove the authenticity and origin of digital photos and videos at NYC Media Lab's Combine program Demo Day.




The Washington Times  •  04/11/2019

Psychology Professor Michele Galieitta comments on Pope Benedict’s essay connecting the 1960’s Sexual Revolution to sex abuse in the Catholic Church.




The Philadelphia Tribune  •  04/13/2019

Adjunct Professor of African History Milton Alimadi criticized the media’s characterization of African people.




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