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Please read below stories from the first half of July.





NY1  •  07/03/19

Inside City Hall

Professor Susan Kang talks about the political landscape in New York City and the rise of progressive candidates.


CBSN  •  07/10/2017

DHS questioned on facial recognition tech

Professor Adam Wandt talks about pros and cons of facial recognition (begins at 1:06).


NJTV News •  07/11/2019

Newark woman arrested for stabbing two police officers

Professor and Chair of the Department of law, Police Science, and Criminal Justice Administration Maki Haberfeld criticized the two police officers' response to the 911 call of an emotionally disturbed person who stabbed both officers (at 3:01 and 5:53 marks).


Spectrum News NY 1 •  07/12/2019

ICE Raids Expected this Weekend

Cynthia Carvajal, the manager of John Jay’s Immigrant Student Success Center, spoke about the ICE Raids set to happen, how it will affect the immigrants at John Jay, and how she informs those affected.


Bloomberg  •  07/12/2019

What’d You Miss?

Professor J.W. Mason talks about the inflation rate and comments by Chair of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell.


WLNS-TV •  07/15/2019

News at 6

Jackson, MI Mayor talks about reducing gun violence through National Network for Safe Communities program.


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Chiayi City Government •  06/27/2019

"Kai Yi Goes Out, the World Comes In" Jiayi Municipal Police Department, International Police Exchange, Invited the Director of the John Jay School of Criminal Justice, City University of New York

Dr. Mangai Natarajan, Professor of Criminal Justice and the director of International Criminal Justice BA Program, gave a keynote speech on the theme "Gender-based violence - awareness of stalking of harassment, Control and Prevention"


ABC News •  07/01/2019

Phoenix viral-video arrest puts focus on troubling police escalation incidents nationwide

Professor of Police Science Maki Haberfeld pointed out flaws in US police training including its brevity compared to other democratic countries, and a lack or de-escalation and implicit bias training.

North Jersey Record  •  07/01/2019
With spate of workplace shootings, offices devote more resources to security, experts say
Professor Robert McCrie talks about using technology to reduce gun violence in the workplace.

NY Post •  07/01/2019

Dante de Blasio defends his dad’s debate remarks about protecting him from cops

Professor of Police Studies and former police officer Eugene O’Donnell commented on Dante de Blasio’s op-Ed on avoiding confrontations with the police.


Patch •  07/01/2019

Only 1 NYC Neighborhood Has More Graffiti Than Sunset Park: Study

Professor of Police Studies and former police officer Eugene O’Donnell explained the vandalism statistics and why residents don’t report vandalism.


South Florida Sun Sentinel •  07/01/2019

Broward Sheriff’s Office loses state accreditation after mishandling of school, airport shootings

Professor of Police Studies and former prosecutor Eugene O’Donnell explained how the Broward Sheriff Department can win back its accreditation and whether it is worth it.

The Philadelphia Inquirer •  07/02/2019

How a confidential informant ran a North Philly drug business — all while working for the DEA

Jon Shane, a former Newark police captain and Associate Professor of Police Management, spoke about how a compromised confidential informant can taint a case.


The Atlantic •  07/02/2019

What You Lose When You Gain a Spouse

Assistant Professor of Political Science Michael Yarbrough spoke about marriage in queer families and its effect on participation in LGBTQ community life.


CNET  •  07/03/2019

How sharing your DNA solves horrible crimes… and stirs a privacy debate

Professor Joe Giacalone talks about the hope that DNA gives to the families of crime victims.


NY Daily News •  07/03/2019

What Tiffany Cabán inherits: A great deal of work has already been done to make prosecutions in Queens more progressive

Peter Moskos, Professor and Chair of the Department of Law, Police Science, and Criminal Justice Administration, wrote an op-ed on the City’s positive record on incarceration and policing, and shootings, which the new Queens DA stands to inherit.


The Post and Courier  •  07/04/2019

Commentary: Can the I-526 County Council majority solve Charleston flooding puzzle?

Retired professor Fred Palm writes that a new highway will not solve flooding problems in Charleston, South Carolina.


Mail & Guardian •  07/05/2019

How to catch a serial killer – and why South Africa is good at it

South Africa’s equivalent of the FBI’s behavioural analysis unit teamed up with John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York in 2014 to assess the types of serial homicide in South Africa.


The New York Times •  07/05/2019

Elite Kid Justice: Are Privileged Teenagers More Likely to Get a Slap on the Wrist?

Professor of Psychology Elizabeth Jeglic spoke about bias, wealth, and race in criminal sentencing and how it could influence judges.


The Post and Courier  •  07/06/2019

When SC residents are afraid to call the police, technology alerts officers of gunshots

Professor Eric Piza talks about how gunshot detection systems should be just one piece of a larger plan to reduce violence.


Inside Philanthropy •  07/07/2019

With its Latest Grants, the Art for Justice Fund is Looking to Spark New Connections

Professor Baz Dreisinger, Executive Director of Incarceration Nations Network, is the creator of “Writing on the Wall,” which is featured in this story for Inside Philanthropy.


The Philadelphia Inquirer •  07/07/2019

A police commander in West Philly wants to change how cops interact with residents

Chris Burbank, a former Salt Lake City police chief and now a vice president at the Center for Policing Equity at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said such initiatives must be coupled with other reforms.


City Limits •  07/08/2019

Ban of Repeat Offenders from Subway ‘Hugely Problematic,’ Advocates Say

Criminal Justice Professor and former department chief of the NYC Transit Police Vincent Del Castillo spoke about the difficulty of enforcing a ban on subway offenders.


Fox 4 Kansas City •  07/08/2019

Debate over pay equity for female athletes mirrors contentious pay inequality in US workforce

Professor Steph Anderson and John Jay students Morra, LaMorte and Rojas’s study “Differences Between Men and Women in Professional Soccer” was cited in an article about how the gender pay gap in soccer and the workplace.


Herald Times Reporter  •  07/10/19

Jayme Closs kidnapping: Impact of horrific small-town Wisconsin crime will continue for generations

Professor Joe Giacalone talks about how social media spreads true crime stories.


Politifact  •  07/10/19

In viral moment, Pete Buttigieg fumbles line on racial disparities in criminal justice

Professor Candace McCoy dissects what Mayor Pete Buttigieg said about racism in the criminal justice system.


The New York Times •  07/11/2019

The Fed’s New Message: The Economy Can Get a Lot Better for Workers

Assistant Professor of Economics J.W. Mason commented on Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell’s congressional testimony, which validated his and other economist’s warnings about the current state of the job market.


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  •  07/10/19

Cycles of violence | A Journal Sentinel Special Report

Director of the National Network for Safe Communities David Kennedy talks about how pockets of crime create impressions about entire cities.


USA Today •  07/11/2019

Roofing, paving, artisanal bread: Feds look to kick-start law that will free hundreds of inmates

Criminal Justice Professor Jeff Mellow spoke about how to successfully re-integrate formerly incarcerated individuals in light of the First Step Act, which created a series of rehabilitation programs to support the early release and re-entry of federal inmates.


Long Island Herald •  07/11/2019

Former NYPD officer shares tips to save lives

Dr. Alfred Titus, a former NYPD homicide detective and hostage negotiator and criminal justice professor, shared tips on how to safely interact with police at an informational seminar on June 30 at 3D’s Community Empowerment Center in Baldwin, Long Island.


The City •  07/11/2019

BP Brewer Proposes Women’s Jail for Lockup with Central Park View

Distinguished Lecturer in Corrections and former Commissioner of Correction and Probation Martin Horn condemned the closure of Lincoln Correctional Facility, men’s state prison with Central Park views.


The Morning Call  •  07/11/19

Did Palmer Township police officers follow proper procedures after 911 call from victim?

Professor Eugene O’Donnell talks about the decisions police officers make when responding to 911 calls.


The New York Times  •  07/11/19

Sex Offender in 2 States, but Not in New Mexico

Professor Elizabeth Jeglic talks about problems with sex offender laws that vary from state to state.


NBC News •  07/12/2019

Police officer who fatally shot sobbing man temporarily rehired to apply for pension

Professor of Police Studies and former police officer Eugene O’Donnell commented on the City of Mesa, Arizona temporarily rehiring a former Mesa police officer who was acquitted two years ago in the fatal shooting of an unarmed man.


San Francisco Chronicle •  07/12/2019

‘Step in the right direction’: Oakland City Council passes new policy on warrant-less searches

Peter Moskos, Professor and Chair of the Department of Law, Police Science, and Criminal Justice Administration, explained California’s law on warrant-less searches in the case of a person on parole or on probation.


The Christian Science Monitor •  07/12/2019

In pursuit of high-profile sex abusers, is balance of power shifting?

Meredith Dank, an expert on human trafficking and a research professor at John Jay, spoke about the uphill battle victims of sex trafficking face particularly if their abusers have wealth and social power like Jeffrey Epstein.


The World News • 07/14/2019

Improvised Proposal

Adjunct Lectuere Economics Juan Matias De Lucchi wrote about the announcement that Brazil and Argentina would establish a common currency and the economic policy behind monetary unions.


The New York Times • 07/15/2019

Would You Trust the Police Officer Who Writes ‘It’s a Good Day for a Chokehold’?

The toolkit on Officer-Involved Fatalities and Critical Incidents designed by John Jay’s Institute for Innovation in Prosecution was cited in an op-ed about police officers who have demonstrated racial bias, violence and dishonesty on social media.