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Please read below stories from the second half of June.





CBS New York  •  06/18/2019  

Professor Joe Giacalone commented on the elaborate hoax in which a baby reported dead near a Queens park turned out to be a doll (at the 02:16 mark).


NBC  New York  •  06/18/2019

I-Team: 'Insane' Car Modification Mimics Gunfire, Could Cause Panic

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Eric Piza said the new trend in modifying vehicle tailpipe sounds have the potential to fool the sensors police use to detect gunfire (at 0:50 mark).


CNBC  •  06/25/2019

Taylor Swift's new song 'You need to calm down' drives donations to LGBTQ advocacy group, but not without critics  

Psychology Professor Kevin Nadal spoke about the power of celebrity to advocate for social justice on social media and by working with advocacy organizations.


WSHU Public Radio  •  06/26/2019

Adjunct Lecturer and Cybersecurity attorney John Bandler spoke about data privacy, security settings, cybersecurity, and his book (at 18:50 mark).




NY1  •  06/26/2019

Biology Professor Nathan Lents raised concerns about the autopsy report of Edward Palmer Jr. who died while in a PA jail (at 1:28 mark).




Perspective  France 24 •  06/27/2019  

Civil Rights in the Age of Trump: A Battle far from won

Dr. Gloria Browne-Marshall, professor of constitutional law at John Jay College of Criminal Justice & civil rights attorney, discussed the state of civil liberties under Trump (at 0:57 mark).





Associated Press  •  06/12/2019

San Francisco prosecutors turn to AI to reduce racial bias

Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution Lucy Lang and President of the Center for Policing Equity Phillip Atiba Goff commended San Francisco prosecutors for using artificial intelligence to reduce racial bias.


New York Post  •  06/13/2019

Bootleg liquor eyed as cause of Dominican Republic tourist deaths

Professor of Forensic Science Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky pointed to adulterated alcohol as the possible cause of the deaths of American tourists in the Dominican Republic.


Associated Press  •  06/16/2019

Family of Costco shooting victim speaks out as LAPD investigates officer's actions

Criminal Justice Professor Joe Giacalone commented on police use of force in the case of the Costco shooting between an off-duty officer and a mentally disabled man.


Bustle  •  06/16/2019

Is Jackie Rohr Based On A Real Person? Kevin Bacon's 'City On A Hill' Character Is A Super Corrupt Cop

Showtime’s new show “City on a Hill” is about the Boston Miracle, a police effort based on Operation Ceasefire which was developed by John Jay Professor of Criminal Justice and Director of the National Network for Safe Communities David Kennedy.


Philanthropy News Digest  •  06/18/2019

Mellon Foundation Awards $3.3 Million for Prison Education, Reentry

The Prisoner Reentry Institute (PRI) at John Jay College received a $1.5 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to expand PRI’s educational and reentry initiatives.


New York Daily News •  06/19/2019

The content of ‘character’: What the withdrawal of Kyle Kashuv’s acceptance says about Harvard and higher education

Professor Evan Mandery, a Harvard alumnus, wrote an op-ed criticizing the Harvard admissions committee for rescinding the admission of Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv, after they learned of past racist tweets.


The Wall Street Journal  •  06/19/2019

NYPD Arrests of Teens Drop Under ‘Raise the Age’ Law

Professor of Police Studies and former police officer Eugene O’Donnell commented on the relationship between fewer arrests and public safety.


The Economist  •  06/19/2019

The push to decriminalise sex work in New York  

Meredith Dank, a research professor and expert on human trafficking, spoke about how the bill to decriminalize prostitution in New York will affect prostitutes.

Reader’s Digest  •  06/20/2019

Worst Things You Can Say to Your Parents

Professor of Psychology Elizabeth Jeglic explained parental psyche in an article about the worst words, phrases, and sentences kids say to their parents.

NBC Philadelphia •  06/20/2019

U.S. Attorney McSwain, Philadelphia District Attorney Krasner Clash Despite Shared Vision for Safer City

Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution and former prosecutor Lucy Lang spoke about prosecutor accountability to the public in a story about the clash between U.S. Attorney McSwain and Philadelphia District Attorney Krasner.

KALW News •  06/20/2019

'Johns' in San Francisco sit down for a class on the sex trade

Professor of Political Science Samantha Majic’s article “Teaching Equality? ‘John Schools,’ Gender, and Institutional Reform” was cited in a story about First Offender Prostitution Program also known as John School.

Associated Press •  06/20/2019

The Latest: Expert: Delay reaching officer was unacceptable  

Professor of Police Science Steve Nasta criticized the police tactics used in the standoff between a shooter and the police, which left Officer Tara O’Sullivan fatally wounded.

 The New York Times  •  06/20/2019

Citizens on Patrol: What if Your Neighbor Could Give You a Parking Ticket?

Dr. Gloria Browne-Marshall, Professor of Constitutional Law and civil rights attorney, raised concerns about the Washington city government proposal to allow residents to enforce parking violations.


The New York Times  •  06/20/2019

Marijuana Decriminalization Is Expanded in N.Y., but Full Legalization Fails

A report from John Jay’s Data Collaborative for Justice showing higher arrest rates for blacks and Hispanics was cited in a story about decriminalizing but not fully legalizing marijuana in Albany.


The City  •  06/20/2019

Pols Call to End ‘Torture’ of Solitary Confinement in City Jails

Distinguished Lecturer in Corrections and former Commissioner of Correction and Probation, Martin Horn, recommends ending solitary confinement and recommended alternatives.



People.com  •  06/20/2019

Associate Professor of Psychology Michele Galietta explains the mindset of people held in captivity in a story about kidnapping victim Hailey Burns.


The New York Times •  06/20/2019

Cory Booker Proposes Clemency for Thousands of Nonviolent Drug Offenders

Professor of Constitutional Law and civil rights attorney Gloria Browne-Marshall, gave context on the clemency review process and compared Cory Booker’s proposal to President Obama’s 2014 proposal.


Gotham Gazette •  06/21/2019

City to Launch 5 Cross-Agency Projects to Fight Poverty-Related Challenges

In an effort to expand educational services for adults leaving jail and prison, the Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity is launching a new initiative with some funding going to John Jay’s Prisoner Reentry Institute.


The Cut New York Magazine •  06/21/2019

Fake Alcohol Could Be Behind the Deaths in the Dominican Republic

Forensic Science Professor Lawrence Kobilinsky described the biological effects of consuming bootleg alcohol which may have caused the mysterious deaths of seven American tourists in the Dominican Republic.

Queens Daily Eagle •  06/21/2019

Marijuana was decriminalized. Here’s what that means for Queens.

A report from John Jay’s Data Collaborative for Justice showing higher arrest rates for blacks and Hispanics was cited in story about decriminalizing but not fully legalizing marijuana in Albany.


AmNewYork  •  06/24/2019

Falling homicide rate so far in 2019 prompts cautious optimism from NYPD  

Criminal Justice Professor Joe Giacalone spoke about the difficulty of preventing domestic homicides.


The Hill  •  06/24/2019

Chaotic Trump transition leaks: Debates must tackle how Democrats will govern differently  

Assistant Professor of Public Policy Heath Brown wrote an op-ed about how the ethics of the Trump presidential transition team can be a topic at the Democratic debates. 


LoHud.com  •  06/24/2019

Criminal Justice Professor Joe Giacalone commented on the obsolete practice of tire chalking and how it affects license-plate recognition firms.


The New York Times  •  06/24/2019

Alison Wilkey, the director of public policy at John Jay’s Prisoner Re-entry Institute, pointed out the disparity in treatment between incarcerated youths and women versus incarcerated wealthy, white and well-connected prisoners like Paul Manafort.


Inside Higher Ed  •  06/26/2019

Expanding Beyond NYC’s 5 Boroughs  

Dara Byrne, associate provost for undergraduate retention and dean of undergraduate studies spoke about the development and success of John Jay’s ACE program as it expands to Lehman College.


CBS News  •  06/26/2019

NYPD reviewed nearly 2,000 complaints of police bias. It substantiated none.

Chris Burbank, vice president of strategic partnerships at the Center for Policing Equity at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, spoke about using publicly available data to determine biased policing and create changes.



The New York Times  •  06/27/2019

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Eric Piza spoke about Axon’s ban on facial recognition software in police body camera footage.




Miami Herald  •  06/27/2019

At first, Dershowitz welcomed this Epstein-related lawsuit. Now he wants it tossed out  

Adjunct Professor and lawyer Carl M. Bornstein talks about the legal tactics involved in a Jeffrey Epstein-related lawsuit against Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.


Vice News  •  06/28/2019

“Stick with Beer”: Why Counterfeit Booze Might Be Killing People in the Dominican Republic

Biology Professor Nathan Lents spoke on the dangers of distilling alcohol unregulated, which may be the cause of the mysterious deaths of American tourists in the Dominican Republic.


The New York Post  •  06/28/2019

De Blasio faces new questions in Che Guevara controversy

John Gutierrez, a professor of Latin American Studies, commented on De Blasio’s use of Che Guevara’s slogan at striking workers event at Miami International Airport.


The New York Post  •  06/29/2019

Graffiti complaints up more than 50 percent in de Blasio’s New York

Professor of Police Studies Eugene O’Donnell criticized Mayor De Blasio for the uptick in vandalism and graffiti complaints after the city decriminalized such quality-of-life offenses. 


Jacobin  •  06/30/2019

Gene Sharp, the Cold War Intellectual Whose Ideas Seduced the Left

Adjunct Lecturer Marcie Smith, who wrote an essay on Gene Sharp, an intellectual giant in the nonviolent protest movement last month, was interviewed by Jacobin magazine.


 Law 360•  06/30/2019

Civilian Board Wins Back Muscle To Probe Police Misconduct

Professor of Police Studies and former police officer Eugene O’Donnell criticized civilian complaint review boards as being inherently biased against police officers.