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Until our transition is concluded, you will find a complete listing of all teaching and non-teaching positions available at John Jay College on this page under the "JOB LISTINGS" heading below.

Simply click on the Read more button to view the complete vacancy notice for the position listed.

Be sure to follow directions on each posting regarding to whom and how to send your application.

You may also view the job openings for John Jay College in the CUNYFirst job board.
These posting include, faculty, leadership, higher and middle-level administrative, and support staff positions.

For ease of navigation in the CUNYFirst job board, once you are in CUNYFirst, goto the keywords box, type John Jay and click search.
(this will display all John Jay College openings)

CUNYFirst job board

Open Positions

Posted Title Expires
05/07/2015 Enrollment Bursar Specialist New 06/06/2015 View
05/06/2015 Career Engagement Educator New 06/05/2015 View
05/15/2015 Enrollment Bursar Coordinator New 06/14/2015 View
05/19/2015 Associate Director Transfer Academic Programs New 06/18/2015 View
05/19/2015 Campus Public Safety Sergeant (Provisional), 3 positions New 06/18/2015 View
05/20/2015 Enrollment Registrar Director New 06/19/2015 View
05/19/2015 IT Assistant (Provisional) - Evening Tech Support Coordinator New 06/18/2015 View
05/19/2015 IT Assistant (Provisional) - Daytime Tech Support Coordinator New 06/18/2015 View
05/19/2015 IT Associate, Level 2 (Provisional) - Web Developer New 06/08/2015 View