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John Jay Welcomes Class of 2014

First-Ever All-Baccalaureate Class of Freshmen
New Records Set in Admission of Freshmen and Transfer Students

Thursday, August 26, 2010, New York, NY, – John Jay College of Criminal Justice welcomed its first-ever all-baccalaureate freshman class. Of the more than 2,000 enrolled freshmen, a record 85 percent attended the two-day Orientation Program along with 433 of their parents. Preliminary data indicates a record-breaking increase of 24 percent in baccalaureate freshmen enrollment over 2009. Since the 2006 decision to phase out associate degree admissions, the College has aggressively recruited baccalaureate students and strengthened its academic programs.

At the same time, almost 1,200 transfer students enrolled at the College representing a projected 5 percent increase in transfer students. Four hundred eighty new graduate students enrolled at the College. Our transfer orientation – with 376 students – and our graduate orientation – with 217 students – also set new records.

“This is a historic moment for the College. With the enrollment of the first-ever all- baccalaureate class, the College has reached a pivotal milestone in its transformation into a senior College in the City University of New York system. These new students, whether they be freshmen, transfer students or graduate students, all will benefit from our improved student services, renowned faculty scholars and re-imagined academic programs,” said President Jeremy Travis.

Through the CUNY Justice Academy, John Jay has also expanded access to its programs for students who complete an associate degree at another CUNY community college. The joint degree programs in criminal justice, forensic science and forensic financial analysis that the College created in the six CUNY community colleges registered 1,611 freshmen this fall. The Justice Academy ensures that students who complete associate’s degrees in criminal justice-related majors are guaranteed admission to John Jay’s baccalaureate programs. To learn more about the CUNY Justice Academy, visit,

Over the last three years, John Jay has introduced many new liberal arts undergraduate majors including Economics, English, Global History and Gender Studies with additional majors under consideration. In addition, the significant increase in full-time faculty, student research opportunities, and the overall commitment to provide a high quality education, has made John Jay an attractive choice for students and their families.

About John Jay College of Criminal Justice: An international leader in educating for justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice of The City University of New York offers a rich liberal arts and professional studies curriculum to upwards of 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students from more than 135 nations. In teaching, scholarship and research, the College approaches justice as an applied art and science in service to society and as an ongoing conversation about fundamental human desires for fairness, equality and the rule of law. For more information, visit