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LISTEN to Professor Devin Harner’s NPR Interview on the Media Coverage of the Anti-Muslim Filmmaker ‘Sam Bacile’ and READ His Article Published on PBS’s

Professor Devin Harner's article, titled "How 'Sam Bacile' Bamboozled the AP, Wall Street Journal Over Anti-Muslim Film", was recently published on PBS's The article examines the media's rushed coverage of the filmmaker who produced the anti-Muslim film that has triggered widespread unrest in the Middle East. Professor Harner was also interviewed about the same topic on NPR's On the Media.

To read the article, click here.
To listen to the interview, click here.

Professor Harner of the English department co-directs the Journalism Minor at John Jay College. In addition to introductory and intermediate reporting and writing courses, he teaches science fiction film and British and American literature. He writes about new media and journalism education for PBS's He has published essays on the Belfast-born poet and memoirist, Ciaran Carson; on novelist Chuck Palahniuk's non-fiction; on Spike Jonze's film, Adaptation; and on virtual time travel through YouTube. His current book project focuses on the contemporary American poets Philip Levine and Gary Snyder. He is also currently at work on a piece that treats Buddhist philosophy in Richard Kelly's film, "Donnie Darko."