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Tiffany Onorato, Student Affairs Administrator, Devotes Energies to Foundation Making A Difference

Tiffany Onorato, Coordinator of Orientation Programs for John Jay’s Division of Student Life, is making a difference in the lives of impoverished young people in Nicaragua, through the foundation she co-founded along with four fellow alumni of Quinnipiac University.

In 2011, just two years removed from her college graduation, Onorato helped launch the Pyxis Foundation, an organization aimed at funding projects in developing nations that are sustainable in nature. Her ongoing work with Pyxis was recently featured in an article on the Web site As the foundation continues its vision of securing its “official” nonprofit status, it has not delayed on providing services: The Pyxis Foundation has already provided six full or partial scholarships for Nicaraguan students to study at Alianza Americana, a bilingual leadership academy, among other initiatives.

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To learn more about Pyxis, visit the foundation’s Facebook page, click here.