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Professor Maria Hartwig Quoted on Lie Detection in the Long Island Press

Professor Maria Hartwig is quoted in the Long Island Press titled “Detecting Lies at Hofstra’s Obama-Romney Debate” that focuses on how lies are detected in a courtroom and the public sphere. 

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Professor Maria Hartwig of the Department of Psychology She has published surveys on beliefs about behavioral indicators of deception held by a variety of groups (e.g., Migration board officers handling asylum cases; prison guards and inmates), and she has conducted and published quasi-experimental and experimental research on interview and interrogation techniques and veracity assessments using a broad sample of lay people, legal professionals and prison inmates. She has also carried out extensive training of a variety of legal professionals, including prosecutors, judges, and police detectives. She is an editorial board member of Law and Human Behavior and Legal and Criminological Psychology, and an associate editor of the official newsletter of the American Psychology-Law Society. In 2008, she received an Early Career Award by the European Association for Psychology and Law for her contributions to psycholegal research.