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Professor Mucahit Bilici Quoted in Voices of NY Article About the Hurricane Relief Efforts Among Muslim Communities

Mucahit Bilici, an Assistant Professor in the Department of  Sociology, was quoted in a Voices of NY article titled “Post Sandy, Muslims Seen Through a Different Lens.” The article highlights the work of the Islamic Circle of North America Relief USA and the Arab American Association of New York in the post-hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

To read the article, click here.

Professor Mucahit is a cultural sociologist whose research focus is on American Islam, social theory, and Muslim intellectual traditions. His recently published  book, Finding Mecca in America: How Islam Is Becoming an American Religion (University of Chicago Press, 2012), is about the formation of a distinctly American Islam and a study in social theory. Professor Bilici traces American Muslims’ progress from outsiders to natives and from immigrants to citizens. Drawing on the philosophies of Simmel and Heidegger, Bilici develops a novel sociological approach and offers insights into the civil rights activities of Muslim Americans, their increasing efforts at interfaith dialogue, and the recent phenomenon of Muslim ethnic comedy.