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Professor Saul Kassin Quoted in Huffington Post Article on “The Central Park Five” Documentary

Saul Kassin, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at John Jay College, is quoted in a Huffington Post article titled “‘Central Park Five' Documentary On New York Justice System Breakdown Pulls Filmmaker Into Legal Battle” about Ken Burn’s latest documentary, “The Central Park Five.” Kassin is quoted on his research on false confessions and is also featured in the documentary.

To read the Huffington Post Article, click here.

Professor Kassin pioneered the scientific study of police interviewing, interrogations, and confessions, and introduced a taxonomy to distinguish among types of false confessions. He has also studied the psychology of eyewitness testimony as well as the impact of these and other types of evidence on jury decision-making. He often works with the Innocence Project and is currently funded by the National Science Foundation.