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If It’s Broken, Fix It: Professors Cited in WNYC Report on NJ’s Flawed Civilian Complaint Process

John Jay College Professors Jon Shane (Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration) and Candace McCoy (Criminal Justice PhD Program) are featured prominently in a report by New Jersey Public Radio that found the citizen complaint process at local police departments in the state to be riddled with problems, including retaliation and a lack of oversight by the state.

The process, Shane and McCoy said, is broken and will remain so unless serious reform measures are adopted.

The result of a lengthy investigation by reporter Sally Herships, the report aired February 12 on WNYC and other National Public Radio affiliates.

Although the rules governing the complaint process are equal to the task at hand, the report said, the police seem to be unaware of those rules, leading to a misinformed public and countless complaints disappearing through the cracks. Furthermore, Shane noted, data-collection forms are inadequate and don’t tell researchers everything they need to know.

To listen to the WNYC report, click here