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Give More Get More: Student Activity Fee and Student Government Charter Amendments

Student Council is currently in the process of conducting referendums on the Student Activity Fee and Student Government Charter Amendments.

The Student Activity fee pays for many extra and co-curricular activities dedicated to the social, professional, and cultural enhancement of all students here at John Jay. Every single student pays a Student Activity fee. Currently, undergraduate full time students pay $49.60, undergraduate part time students pay $39.85, and graduate students both full and part time pay $30.35. Our student activity fee has not increased since 1988. In the past twenty-five years, the cost of everything has risen exponentially. Proposing to raise the student activity will aid in developing new programs and services to enhance current services that are crucial to student development. Student Council is proposing to increase the student activity fee fifty dollars for undergraduate full time students, forty for part time undergraduates, and thirty dollars for all graduate students.

Some of the earmarked categories in the Student Activity Fee breakdown are: Intercollegiate Athletics, Administration, Recreation, Clubs, Child Care, Student Government, Media/Yearbook, Commencement, Student Activities, Orientation, Student Services, Quality of Life, and Graduate Students (formerly Graduate Studies.) The new earmarked categories added are Campus Activity Board, Newspaper, Radio, Theatrical Activities, Urban Male Initiative, Community Outreach, Counseling Services, Veterans Services, Women’s Center, and Student Travel. The money being allocated goes directly to STUDENTS. If students receive financial aid, the increase will be covered automatically. The allocations were selected to serve the students in the best possibly way from creating concerts, UMI peer mentors, veterans services, LGBTQ services, professional conferences, to additional club activities. All of these new services will enrich the experience of the student at the college.

Currently, the student activity fee range for full time undergraduate students across CUNY is $58.00 to $138.00 per semester. For full-time graduate students across CUNY, the range is $12.00 - $64.00 per semester. Click here to view CUNY student activity fees. The proposed student activity fee increase above places John Jay College well within the standard student activity fee range across CUNY. Click here to view John Jay student activity fee increase proposals

The Student Government charter is a collection of regulations that guides the operation of Student Council, student organizations, and the Judicial Board. Student Government is proposing to make amendments to the charter. The goal of the amendments is to establish a more accurate and uniformed document that is consistent with the current governing practices. In addition, these proposed amendments would allow more student participation in the governance of Student Government. One of the changes to the charter is adding a Club Planning Committee. The purpose of the club planning committee is to help foster collaboration among clubs and help clubs coordinate events for the semester. Club events with similar dates and times cause conflict and have a negative effect on attendance. 
Some of the amendments to the charter will effect Student Government elections. During special elections, Student Council can fill all vacant and unfilled positions for their membership under the supervision of the Office of Student Life, Judicial Board, and or Student Election Review Committee. In addition, candidates who tie in an election for one available position will need to have a run-off election until one candidate has received the highest votes. View proposed amendments to John Jay's Student Government Charter.

The University Student Senate (USS) is the official governance organization charged with representing the interest of the students of the City University of New York. Through USS, the students have representation at all standing committees of the CUNY Board of Trustees, the university’s policy-making body. USS also advocates on behalf of students before elected officials at the city, state, and federal levels. Currently, the charter only gives student council members to participate in USS but with the proposed amendment any student can receive the opportunity to join Student Government in a CUNY level.

Voting for these referendums will take place online at JayStop from Monday, March 11 to Thursday, March 14. If you have any questions please email us at or call us at 212.237.8732. Click here to view Student Council 2012 -2013 "Give More, Get More" Referendum.