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In Updated Edition, Professor Nemeth’s Book Seeks to Bring Order to the Colossus of Homeland Security

Looking for an expert in homeland security? Look no further than Professor Charles Nemeth, Chair of the Department of Security, Fire and Emergency Management at John Jay College, whose comprehensive text Homeland Security: An Introduction to Principles and Practice was recently released in an updated second edition by CRC Press.

In a sprawling yet eminently readable treatment, the new edition provides students and practitioners alike with up-to-date information on the latest threats and countermeasures, developments in the makeup, organization and mission of the Department of Homeland Security, new laws, regulations and strategies that reflect changes over the last several years, and unique insights into the roles of stakeholders at all levels of government — including law enforcement, the military, the intelligence community, emergency managers and the private sector.

“It is a humble attempt to give order to a mighty colossus of agencies and personnel dedicated to the protection of the homeland,” Nemeth notes in the book’s preface.

Nemeth, an acknowledged expert in the areas of the role of private-sector justice in a free society and the ethical demands on justice professionals, has been an educator for more than 30 years. He is a highly sought-after legal consultant for the security industry and is the director of the new Center for Private Security and Safety at John Jay.

“Homeland Security, by any measure, is a massive enterprise that gets larger by the moment,” Nemeth notes. “Much of the growth arises from our understanding of things. The book makes plain that just about everything in life has a homeland quality to it. Whether it is food or water, military or private-sector justice, or the border on land or sea, the task of protecting the homeland is a work in progress.”

The updated edition of Nemeth’s tome includes chapters on Terror, Threat and Disaster Post-9/11; Homeland Security Law, Regulations and Budgeting; Risk Management, Threats and Hazards; FEMA, Response and Recovery; Homeland Security and Public Health, and The Future of Homeland Security, among other topics. Each chapter is enhanced with a list of keywords, discussion questions, practical exercises, and copious charts, tables and illustrations.

Nemeth, who holds PhD and law degrees and is a member of the bar in three states, has held prominent academic posts at California University of Pennsylvania, SUNY at Brockport and Waynesburg College, among other institutions, before joining the John Jay faculty in January 2012.

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