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Adjunct Professor Nyeema Morgan Profiled on ‘Pound Cake and Art’ in Wall Street Journal

Adjunct Professor Nyeema Morgan of the Department of Art and Music was featured in The Wall Street Journal on April 18, in a column titled “Culture Count: How Do We Love Cake? Let Us Count the Ways.” The article focuses on her art installation at BRIC Arts Media in downtown Brooklyn, “Forty-Seven Easy Pound Cakes Like Grandma Use to Make.”

To read The Wall Street Journal, click here.

The art installation evolved from Professor Morgan’s Internet search for authentic “easy pound cake” recipes, which she then turned into unique text-based drawings with swirls, scrawls, strike-throughs and digital overlays.

Professor Morgan, a visual artist who has an M.F.A. from the California College of the Arts, teaches drawing at John Jay. She describes her work as “inspired by philosophical conflicts presented in our everyday encounters with images, objects and information.” Her works have included large-scale drawings, installations, clay work, sculpture and printed matter.

She baked all 47 recipes to open the exhibition on March 14. The show runs through April 27.