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Professor Scott Atran Speaks Out on the Boston Bombing in Foreign Policy Magazine, the Huffington Post and Fox News

In the aftermath of the recent Boston Marathon bombings, Professor Scott Atran, a Presidential Scholar in Sociology, continues to be a highly sought-after commentator on terrorism-related issues.

The April 22 issue of Foreign Policy magazine includes Professor Atran’s article “Black and White and Red All Over: How the Hyperkinetic Media Is Breeding a New Generation of Terrorists.” To read the Foreign Policy article, click here.

Also on April 22, Professor Atran appeared on the Fox News program “America Live with Megyn Kelly,” where he discussed how homegrown terrorists become radicalized. To view the Fox News segment, click here.

In the April 23 edition of The Huffington Post, Professor Atran published his commentary “Helping Terrorists Terrorize: How Our Overwrought Reaction Fosters Radicalization.” To read the column, click here.

The widely published Professor Atran is acknowledged as a leading expert on suicide terrorism and Al Qaeda. He is the author of Talking to the Enemy: The (Un)Making of Terrorists, among many other books. In addition to his scholarly work at John Jay, he is Director of Research in Anthropology at the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris, and Visiting Professor of Psychology and Public Policy at the University of Michigan.