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Professor Evan Mandery’s Research on Exonerated Inmates Featured in New York Times Article on Wrongful Convictions

A recent New York Times article titled “Wrongfully Convicted Often Find Their Record, Unexpunged, Haunts Them,” mentions a new research by Professor Evan Mandery, Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice at John Jay, on exonerated inmates and the outcomes for those whose criminal records have not been expunged. The study, co-authored with researcher Amy Shlosberg and contributors Valerie West, John Jay Professor of Criminal Justice, and Bennett Callaghan , will be published in The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology the week of May 13.

To read the article, click here.

Mandery, a former capital litigator, is the author of fifteen law review articles on the subject and a textbook currently in its second edition. He is an expert on the death penalty and has written a history of the two seminal Supreme Court cases, Furman v. Georgia and Gregg v. Georgia, which will be published by W.W. Norton in the summer of 2013. The title of the book is A Wild Justice. He has also written three novels. His most recent, Q, was published in 2011 by HarperCollins.