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Professor Nathan Lents is Interviewed on CCTV about Arafat’s Autopsy Results

Nathan Lents, Deputy Chair and Associate Professor of the Department of Sciences, was interviewed on CCTV about the results of former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s autopsy conducted by Swiss scientists which revealed evidence that Arafat may have been exposed to polonium – a radioactive element that can be lethal if ingested.

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CCTV America is the American division of CCTV News, the English-language news channel run by Chinese state broadcaster China Central Television.

Professor Lents is also the Director of Undergraduate Research. His research lab studies gene expression control and cellular signaling. He combines bioinformatics standard bench molecular biology techniques in order to reveal new tissue-and context-specific regulatory networks of gene regulation. In other words, they study how certain genes get turned on in a specific time and place in the human body.