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Professor Kobilinsky Ranked Among Nation’s Best in DNA Analysis by

Professor Lawrence Kobilinsky, chair of the John Jay Department of Sciences, has been cited as one of the nation’s top 15 DNA analysis professors by the Web site

Professor Kobilinsky, a forensic serologist who is familiar to viewers of TruTV and other crime-oriented programming, specializes in using the latest technologies to link bodily fluids and tissues to potential crime suspects. He has served as an advisor to crime laboratories and related facilities in such places as Mexico, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and China, with his efforts having earned him numerous awards and other recognitions.

The Web site’s top 15 ranking of “authoritative experts in the field” was based on criteria that include interesting research to promulgate new technologies or strategies in DNA analysis, practical experience outside the academic setting, and a track record of publication on the subject.

In all, John Jay College is represented three times on the list, which also includes two alumni. Lawrence Quarino, who received his master’s degree from John Jay and his PhD from the John Jay/CUNY Graduate Center doctoral program in criminal justice (forensic science specialization), is currently director of the forensic science program at Cedar Crest College in Pennsylvania. Katherine Roberts, who also earned her doctorate from the John Jay/CUNY Graduate Center, is a professor and director of the master’s program in criminalistics at California State University-Los Angeles.

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