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Professor John DeCarlo Quoted in the "Santa Fe New Mexican" About the Overuse of Amber Alerts

Professor John DeCarlo in the Department of Law, Police Science and Justice Administration was quoted in an article published in the Santa Fe New Mexican titled, “Overuse, False Alarms Threaten Impact of Amber Alert,” by Chris Quintana which was also picked up by the Associated Press. In the article, DeCarlo comments on the risk of desensitizing the public with default alert messages.

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Professor DeCarlo formerly served as chief of police of The Branford, Connecticut Police Department. Before being promoted to a series of administrative police postings, Dr. DeCarlo actively conducted hundreds of forensic crime scene investigations and closed many cases, including homicides and bank robberies, through forensic analysis. His research interests are in all areas of policing and eyewitness identification and environmental criminology and he has written several books and peer reviewed journal articles. He formerly served as the social scientist member of the State of Connecticut Eyewitness Task Force and is currently the co-chair of the State of Connecticut Committee for the Prevention of Racial Profiling.