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Professor David Brotherton Appointed as Distinguished CUNY Fellow

David Brotherton, Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology, received a position as a Distinguished CUNY Fellow at the Advanced Research Collaborative at the Graduate School and University Center. Brotherton’s appointment as a Fellow will begin in Spring 2015 and some of his activities will include working with doctoral students in a research seminar and presentencing a paper on his research to the fellowship seminar.

“Brotherton will be one of a number of Fellows who will constitute a community of scholars pursuing their independent intellectual interests which, although diverse, cluster around research themes of priority importance to this institution,” said Don Robotham, Professor and Director, Advanced Research Collaborative.

Brotherton has traveled extensively around the world in the last few months delivering lectures on his research. He is dedicating every lecture to the late Distinguished Professor Jock Young who was one of the leading sociologists and criminologists in the world known for challenging conventional theories on crime and deviance.

In March, Brotherton (together with Luis Barrios) will travel to Tijuana, Mexico to deliver a special lecture via a teleconference to six Mexican Universities plus UCLA and the University of Coruna (Spain) on deportation. His lecture is part of an ongoing international seminar as part of the Colegio de la Frontera's initiative on immigration and political policy. In addition he gave a keynote address in Spain last December at the University of Lleida in Catalunya at the annual meeting for the European Degree in Youth Studies.

Also, a new documentary called "Looking For Respect" was premiered in Barcelona. The film is based on the pioneering research that Brotherton and Barrios conducted on gang culture in New York beginning in 1996.

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