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Professor Lawrence Kobilinsky Quoted in Baltimore Sun on Consequences of Backlog in DNA Analysis

Professor Lawrence Kobilinsky, chair of the Department of Sciences, was quoted in an article by Justin Fenton titled, “Lab analysis took more than a year to link Baltimore man to rape,” in The Baltimore Sun. The article discusses the inefficacy of prosecuting rapists due to a backlog in DNA analysis.

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Professor Kobilinsky’s research interests focus on developing sensitive methods of human identification using polymerase chain reaction methodology. His lab has developed methods to conduct RFLP of VNTRs, and PCR of Short Tandam Repeats (STRs). They have been working on high sensitivity methods to study low copy number DNA (less than 100 picograms) extracted from biological evidence. Developing a better scientific approach to crime scene investigation is also an interest as well as counseling defense attorneys and prosecutors about DNA technology.