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READ Professor Evan Mandery’s New York Times Op-Ed on College Legacy Preferences

Professor Evan Mandery’s commentary “End College Legacy Preferences” was recently published in The New York Times. The op-ed discusses the preferential treatment colleges afford children of alumni and how the practice advances social inequality. Mandery writes, “The disparity is so great it makes the most sense to conceptualize college applications to elite colleges as two separate competitions: one for children whose parents are legacies, the other for children whose parents aren’t.” Mandery also notes that John Jay College “is about as egalitarian as institutions come.”

To read the op-ed piece, click here.

Mandery, chair of John Jay’s Department of Criminal Justice, is a former capital litigator and is the author of 20 law review articles on the subject and a textbook currently in its second edition. His newest book, A Wild Justice: The Death and Resurrection of Capital Punishment in America, published by W.W. Norton, tells the story of America’s ambivalent relationship with capital punishment. He has also written three novels.