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Professor Chongmin Na Receives the ASC 2014 Outstanding Article Award for Research in Criminology

Assistant Professor Chongmin Na in Department of Criminal Justice is the recipient of 2014 Outstanding Article Award for Research in Criminology from the America Society of Criminology (ASC). The title of his article, co-authored by Ray Paternoster (Univ. of Maryland), is “Can Self-Control Change Substantially Over Time? Rethinking the Relationship between Self and Social Control.”

The premise of Professor Na’s article was to test the long-term stability thesis of Gottfredson and Hirschi’s (1990) general theory of crime and to examine the relationship between self-control and social control over time. This research not only resolves ongoing controversy over the nature and the role of internal and external control mechanisms in crime but also provides an empirical base for theoretical modification and integration under a unified control perspective.

"I am much honored to win this prestigious award and be recognized nationally for making significant contributions to the field. I have no doubt that John Jay’s theoretically and methodologically diverse research environment and strong support for research scholars enabled me to achieve this at the early stage of my career, said Professor Na."

According to their website, "The American Society of Criminology Outstanding Article Award honors exceptional contributions made by scholars in the article form. The award is given annually for the peer-reviewed article that makes the most outstanding contribution to research in criminology.”

Professor Na’s research interests include theoretical mediating mechanisms underlying the stability and change in offending and the causal process through which criminal justice policies/programs affect outcomes of interest. His work has appeared in Criminology, Justice Quarterly, and Crime and Justice: A Review of Research.