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Professor Scott Atran’s Op-Ed on the Middle East Conflict Featured in The New York Times

Professor Scott Atran, a Presidential Scholar in Sociology, was recently featured in The New York Times’s opinion blog “Room for Debate,” in a round-up of views on the subject of “Can the U.S. Still Be a Leader in the Middle East?” Atran, author of the book Talking to the Enemy, offered his views in an article titled “U.S. Must Help Deal Directly with Hamas.” In it, he asserts that negotiations to resolve the Middle East conflict “can only proceed if all sides agree on form – without preconditions on outcomes and each side recognizing that force alone cannot prevail.”

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The widely published Professor Atran is acknowledged as a leading expert on suicide terrorism and Al Qaeda. He is the author of Talking to the Enemy: The (Un)Making of Terrorists, among many other books. In addition to his scholarly work at John Jay, he is Director of Research in Anthropology at the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris, and Visiting Professor of Psychology and Public Policy at the University of Michigan.