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In Daily Beast Op-ed, Professor Candace McCoy Discusses Criminal Prosecutions Versus Civil Lawsuits in the Ferguson, MO Shooting

Professor Candace McCoy published an op-ed in The Daily Beast that examines the legal options that are likely to result in lasting changes to policing practices in Ferguson, MO. In the piece, titled “Prosecuting Officer Wilson Won't Bring Justice to Ferguson,” McCoy writes, political mobilization and hardheaded negotiation over future directions, whether collaborative or not, is the conversation that must begin in Ferguson.”

Read The Daily Beast op-ed here.

McCoy was also recently quoted in two news articles, BBC News “What Goes Through a Policeman’s Head Before He Shoots” and “Michael Brown shooting: When Can US Law Enforcement Officers Fire.” In both articles, McCoy discusses the protocol for police use for force and police accountability.

Click here to read the full BBC News article.

Click here to read the full article.

McCoy is a member of the core faculty of the CUNY Doctoral Program in Criminal Justice at John Jay College, and she also regularly teaches for John Jay’s master's program in Criminal Justice. She specializes in the study of criminal justice policies and has published on such topics as sentencing, plea bargaining, jury decision-making, police practices, and drug courts. She received the American Society of Criminology’s Herbert Block Award for distinguished service to the profession in 2003. In 2006, she was appointed as Chair of the State of New Jersey’s Criminal Disposition Commission.