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Professors Adam Wandt and Marie-Helen Maras Discuss Safeguarding Data with amNew York and WNBC

Professors Adam Wandt and Marie-Helen Maras were quoted in an amNew York article, “How to Protect Yourself Online: Tips from Experts,” about the recent cybersecurity breaches that included the hacking of celebrities data from cloud storage systems. In the article, experts offered advice for New Yorkers “at risk to data breaches from the many Wi-Fi networks around us, an on-the-go lifestyle that requires important information to be accessed from multiple devices.”

To read the amNew York article click here.

Professor Wandt was also interviewed by WNBC News Channel 4 about safeguarding data when upgrading smartphones. To view the WNBC segment, click here.

Wandt, Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Management, is a member of the graduate faculty in both the Master of Public Administration and Master of Digital Forensics and Cyber Security program at John Jay. He is also the Chair of, and a Senior Researcher with, The City University of New York’s “Skunkworks: Academic Technology Research and Development Group.” He teaches graduate courses on role technology plays in the inspection and oversight community and is a member of the Association of Inspectors General, the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, the American Society for Criminology, and the American Society for Public Administration.

Maras, Associate Professor of the Department of Security, Fire and Emergency Management, is the author of Computer Forensics: Cybercriminals, Laws and Evidence and Exploring Criminal Justice: The Essentials. Maras has published in peer-reviewed academic journal articles on the economic, social and political consequences of measures seeking the surveillance of the telecommunications and electronic communications data of all EU citizens in the European Journal of Law and Economics, International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice and the Hamburg Review of Social Sciences. She also completed an edited volume titled CRC Press Reader on Terrorism.