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John Jay College Faculty Participate in Association of Black Sociologists Conference in Charlotte, N.C.

Professors Gail Garfield, Janice Johnson Dias and Antonio Jay Pastrana Jr. of the Department of Sociology participated in the Association of Black Sociologists (ABS) annual meeting, held in Charlotte, N.C., Oct. 23-25. The meeting was organized around the theme of Freedom Summer Remembered: Emerging Issues, Policy Paradigms and the Role of Human Rights.”

Garfield’s new book, Tightrope: A Racial Journey to the Age of Obama (Rowman and Littlefield, 2014) was discussed at an Author Meets Critics session, organized by Johnson Dias. Pastrana served as a discussant on the panel “Social Movements, Social Justice,” and presided over a panel discussion of “Sociological Theory and African American Sociology.”

The mission of the ABS is “to build a tradition of scholarship and service, informed by the interests of historically disenfranchised groups in general and Black/African American people in particular.”