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Distinguished Professor Saul Kassin Discusses False Confessions on The Psych Report

Distinguished Professor of Psychology Saul Kassin was featured in an article published in The Psych Report titled “Coerced to Confess: The Psychology of False Confessions.” In addition to the topic of false confessions, the Q&A also focused on interrogations and the recent settlement of New York City's Central Park Five Case.

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Professor Kassin’s research focus is on the identification and prevention of wrongful convictions. He pioneered the scientific study of false confessions by creating a taxonomy of three types that is widely accepted and developing experimental paradigms that enable tests of why innocent people are targeted for interrogation and why they confess. He is the author with Steven Fein and Hazel Markus of the textbook Social Psychology (9th edition). He has also authored an introductory psychology textbook and written or edited several scholarly books, including: Confessions in the Courtroom, The Psychology of Evidence and Trial Procedure, The American Jury on Trial: Psychological Perspectives, and Developmental Social Psychology. He is past President of the American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS) and has served as a consultant in a number of high profile cases and has testified in several state, federal, and military courts.