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Professor Adam Wandt Discusses Cybersecurity and Smartphone Encryption with Yahoo Tech and WNBC News

Adam Wandt, Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Management, was quoted in a Yahoo Tech article, titled “Why the Cops Hate the New Apple and Google Phones,” on the new digital/phone encryption and the disadvantages for law enforcement investigations. New phone systems such as Ios8 and Android 5.0 systems are harder to crack, making it less susceptible to data invasion/hacking, but also less likely for FBI to get a warrant for data in question. “It’s near impossible”, said Wandt about a potential revision of the new encryption access.

Wandt also addressed the issue of livestream video camera invasions WNBC News 4 NY’s recent segment and web piece, “I-Team: Hacker Posts Private Live Streams of Hundreds in Tri-State”. Wandt gave pointers on securing cameras from hacker invasions. “Just by changing the default password, you give yourself another layer of security,” he said.

Read the Yahoo Tech article, here.

Click here, to view WNBC News segment.

Wandt is a member of the graduate faculty in both the Master of Public Administration and Master of Digital Forensics and Cyber Security program at John Jay. He is also the Chair of, and a Senior Researcher with, The City University of New York’s “Skunkworks: Academic Technology Research and Development Group.” He teaches graduate courses on role technology plays in the inspection and oversight community and is a member of the Association of Inspectors General, the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, the American Society for Criminology, and the American Society for Public Administration.