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Trinch, Shonna

Associate Professor


9.63.15 NB

1999 PhD   University of Pittsburgh

1996 Graduate Certificate-University of Pittsburgh

1995 MA   University of Pittsburgh

1990 BA    Pennsylvania State University

Shonna Trinch is an associate professor of Linguistic Anthropology. She received her PhD from the University of Pittsburgh in Spanish Linguistics. She has conducted fieldwork in the U.S. Southwest where she spent 13 months studying the ways in which Latina women and sociolegal authorities in 10 different institutional settings collaborate and conflict in the creation of narratives of domestic abuse. This work resulted in a series of journal articles and in the publication of a book on the topic entitled, Latinas’ narratives of domestic abuse: Discrepant versions of violence, (John Benjamins 2003).

While Professor Trinch continues to publish on rape and domestic violence, she has also begun two new collaborative projects. With Professor Valerie Allen, Shonna has been using cultural anthropology and medieval literary studies to do research on how to make reading and writing strange again in order to re-conceptualize what it means to be 'lettered' for contemporary college students. And with colleague Edward Snajdr, Shonna has been collecting data on urban change in Brooklyn in a 2-year study on the kinds of 'say' people have in how cities get (re)built. Professors Trinch and Snajdr received a very competitive grant from the National Science Foundation's program in Cultural Anthropology to conduct data collection for this project, which focuses on the Atlantic Yards redevelopment plan. They are currently working on a book and several articles about Atlantic Yards, New York City's largest development project in the last 50 years. 


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