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Trinch, Shonna

Associate Professor


9.63.15 NB

1999 PhD   University of Pittsburgh
1996 Graduate Certificate-University of Pittsburgh
1995 MA   University of Pittsburgh
1990 BA    Pennsylvania State University

Shonna Trinch is Associate Professor of Linguistic Anthropology. She received her PhD from the University of Pittsburgh in Spanish Linguistics. She has conducted fieldwork in the U.S. Southwest where she spent 13 months studying the ways in which Latina women and sociolegal authorities in 10 different institutional settings collaborate and conflict in the creation of narratives of domestic abuse. Professor Trinch has published extensively on these topics. Her current research focuses on linguistic landscapes in New York City.

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Anthony Marcus, Chairperson
524 West 59th Street, Room 9.63.22,
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 646.557.4782, Email: