The Department of Anthropology

Below is a directory of faculty in the Department of Protection Management. For specific designations, use the list that appears on the left. Many faculty have individual profile pages. These pages, if available, can be accessed by clicking on the individual’s name. For office hours, please contact the individual faculty member.

Best, John M. contact via emailcontact via email
Cassidy, Kevin contact via emailcontact via email
Connelly, Edmund econnelly@jjay.cuny.educontact via emailcontact via email
Corbett, Glenn 212.237.80923529N
Demairo, Mark  
Errico, Rick rerrico@jjay.cuny.educontact via emailcontact via email
Flannery, Timothy J. 212.484.1317contact via email
Friedlander, John jfriedlander@jjay.cuny.educontact via emailcontact via email
Gentile, Anthony agentile@jjay.cuny.edu646-781-5594contact via email
Govern, Kevin 234-8532 
Gulinello, Joseph J. jgulinello@jjay.cuny.educontact via emailcontact via email
Hair, Robert 212.237.83803535N
Harvin, Donell dharvin@jjay.cuny.educontact via emailcontact via email
Herbert, Victor 212.237.80433509N
Jennings, Charles 646.557.46383537N
Kearns, Jr., Paul C. pkearns@jjay.cuny.educontact via emailcontact via email
Kohlhepp, Brian bkohlhepp@jjay.cuny.educontact via emailcontact via email
Magers, Jeffrey 502-762-4334Online
Maras, Marie-Helen mmaras@jjay.cuny.edu212-621-41683405N
McCrie, Robert D. 212.237.8386 or 212.348.15533509c
Nason, Randall  
Nemeth, Chuck cnemeth@jjay.cuny.edu212-237-87563521N
Promisel, Ira ipromisel@jjay.cuny.educontact via emailcontact via email
Scott, Danford Earle dscott@jjay.cuny.edu917-597-0372contact v
Till, Robert 212.484.13793531N

Chuck Nemeth, Chairperson
445 West 59th Street, Room 3521N, New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212.237.8756, Email: