The Department of Psychology


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Chauhan, Preeti 212.237.879010.65.15 NB
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Cohen, Shuki 646.557.462710.63.18 NB
Crossman, Angela acrossman@jjay.cuny.edu212.237.865310.65.06 NB
Dysart, Jennifer E. 212.484.116010.65.09 NB
Ehrensaft, Miriam mehrensaft@jjay.cuny.edu646.557.468310.65.13 NB
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Gerber, Gwendolyn L. 212.237.879610.63.13 NB
Glasford, Demis 212.237.878010.65.17 NB
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Grose-Fifer, Jill 646.557.457810.65.12 NB
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Jeglic, Elizabeth 212.484.119510.63.19 NB
Johnson, Matthew Barry 212.237.877210.63.09 NB
Kassin, Saul 646.557.450510.63.06 NB
Kovera, Margaret Bull mkovera@jjay.cuny.edu212.484.111210.65.02 NB
Kucharski, L. Thomas tkucharski@jjay.cuny.edu212.237.878310.65.06 NB
Leftoff, Sondra 212.237.8795 
Leippe, Michael R. 646.557.462610.65.21 NB
Markus, Keith A. kmarkus@jjay.cuny.edu212.237.878410.63.11 NB
Mazzula, Silvia 212.237.879410.63.17 NB
Mercado, Cynthia Calkins 212.484.111110.65.11 NB
Nadal, Kevin L. 212.237.879510.65.10 NB
O'Connor, Maureen 212.237.877610.65.13
Penrod, Steven D. 212.237.887710.65.03 NB
Raghavan, Chitra 212.237.841710.63.10 NB
Salfati, C. Gabrielle 212.237.877010.63.21 NB
Schlesinger, Louis 212.237.877910.63.07 NB
Shiva, Andrew A. 212.562.4811 
Stone, Charles B. chstone@jjay.cuny.edu646-557-4806NB 10.63.12
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Strange, Deryn dstrange@jjay.cuny.edu212.484.134510.65.14 NB
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Widom, Cathy S. 212.237.897810.63.03 NB
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Yanos, Philip T. 212.237.877310.63.16 NB
Zapf, Patricia 212.237.87752112N

Angela Crossman, Chairperson
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