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Lents, Nathan H.

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology



Personal Website

2006   Post-doc   New York University (Computational Biology)

2004   PhD          Saint Louis University Medical School 

(Physiology and Pharmacology)

1999   BS             Saint Louis University (Molecular Biology)

My research group pursues projects in two areas: gene expression control by cellular signaling, and forensic biology. Currently, we have three research projects underway. First, we are examining how the populations of bacteria that live on human skin change following the death of their human host. (This project is in collaboration with the "body farm" at the University of Tennessee). Second, we are exploring how certain dietary supplements can interfere with urine drug screening. Thirdly, we are studying how some genes, the CCN gene family, are switched on and off in blood cells and their stem cell precursors. To read more about our research, please visit the lab webpage at

  Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, Chairperson
524 West 59th Street, Room 05.66.04 New Building, New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212.237.8884, Email: