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Sandy, O'Neill

Faculty Communications



Professor O’Neil Sandy has the unusual ability to integrate practical experience, abstract thinking, critical thinking and teaching. These components form the core of students’ development. After graduation from the University of Guyana in the Mid 90’s professor Sandy served as Marketing and Research Manager. This was a non frictional transition from a career in accounting and systems development. Professor Sandy first taught Principles of Business at his Alma Mater Bishops High School before pursuing certification studies in Industrial Relations and Social Studies at Critchlow Labor College then Marketing and Commerce, London Chamber of Commerce (LCC). Upon migration to the United States of America Professor Sandy completed both a B.A Public Administration and M.A Public Administration. Professor Sandy is also a devoted tutor who sees supplemental instructions as a critical component of students development.

Professor Sandy has been an instructor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice since summer 2007 and has taught Communication Skills 102, 103, English 095 and English 094 (CATW) where he is a certified reader.


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