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Garfield, Gail

Associate Professor


3213 North Hall

2000 PhD in Sociology, Graduate Center, City University of New York

2000 MA in Sociology, Graduate Center, City University of New York

1982 MA Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

1978 BA Child Psychology from the Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota

As an activist andscholar, Gail Garfield has blended her dual professional interest of advocatingfor social justice with scholarship. This duality is seen in her efforts toreshape social policies and practices in the areas of child welfare, public housing,drug treatment, poverty, violence against women, and race and race relations.She has worked as a senior policy analysis with the Community Services Societyand the Manhattan Borough President’s Office of New York City. As the executivedirector of the Institute on Violence, she administered the program areas ofresearch, policy advocacy, technical support, and outreach and educationtargeted toward the African American community. She holds a Doctor ofPhilosophy and a Master Degree in Sociology from the Graduate Center of theCity University of New York, a Master of Arts Degree from the Hubert H.Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in ChildPsychology from the Institute of Child Development, both from the University ofMinnesota. As an associate professor at John Jay College, she has conductedoriginal research that is reflected in three noteworthy books: Through Our Eyes: African American Women’sExperiences of Violence and Violation (Rugters University Press 2005), Through Our Eyes: African American Men’sExperiences of Race, Gender and Violence (Rugters University Press 2010), and Tightrope: A Racial Journey to the Age of Obama (Rowman &Littlefield 2014).


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