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Ocejo, Richard

Assistant Professor



2009 Ph.D. -   The Graduate Center, CUNY

2005 MA     -   Queens College, CUNY

2002 BA      -   Fordham University

I earned my doctorate in Sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center and joined the faculty in fall 2009. My primary research interests are on the interrelationship between culture and economy in contemporary cities. I specifically use the formation of nightlife scenes as an analytical lens for examining a broad range of urban issues, such as gentrification, contestations over community, the use of public space, the formation of cultural communities, and urban growth policies. I have also conducted research on social interactions in the public space of the subway. My teaching covers an even broader range of topics that relate to the city, more general subjects in sociology, and sociological research methods, with an emphasis on qualitative methods and ethnography. I am currently working on a research project that examines the reinvention and incorporation of new cultural meanings into old working-class occupations. This ongoing work focuses on the attitudes and practices of people in several of these occupations to reveal emerging patterns of cultural production and consumption and the changing nature of cultural work in the postindustrial economy.












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Ric Curtis, Interim Chairperson
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