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WE PROMISE to help you develop a personalized plan to reach your academic and professional goals. At John Jay, you will enjoy a complete and well-rounded college experience - with the affordable price tag expected from a CUNY school - along with a unique set of resources that we provide for your success.

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Educating for Justice - Your Personalized Academic Journey

We offer a distinctive and rigorous liberal arts education with a focus on justice in all its dimensions. Your academic journey begins with the First-Year Seminar, through which you become part of a small learning community. You won’t face your challenging academic journey alone: Helping you along the way will be a team of academic advisors, career counselors, trained development professionals and peers. Beginning with orientation, they will take into account your goals and needs, your strengths and interests, to help you develop a strategy for success that works for you. The strategy will include clearly defined milestones to help you track your progress as you explore hundreds of courses and choose from 29 majors and 40 minors. John Jay’s faculty members are nationally recognized experts in their fields who are ready to help you grow to become an active, enthusiastic scholar and a well-rounded student. You will learn to reason critically and problem-solve confidently – skills that will benefit you throughout your personal and professional life.


Small-Town Community in the Big Apple

John Jay is rated #1 among all CUNY senior colleges in “overall academic and social experience” – and with good reason. We will provide you with ample opportunities to find your niche and pursue your passion, through small learning groups, student organizations, social events, athletics, theatrical productions, and student support services. Your activities and experiences help you thrive in your new life as a college student.

While John Jay is located in the heart of one of the world’s most exciting and diverse cities, it remains a close-knit community with a small-town feel. Our 15,000 students represent more than 130 countries, and come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. As soon as you engage with your student peers inside and outside the classroom, you will develop a sense of belonging and forge deep friendships that can last a lifetime.


Making a Difference in the World

Public service is an important aspect of the John Jay College experience and we provide you with access to unique community-service and service-learning projects. As a John Jay student – a “fierce advocate for justice” – you will engage in John Jay’s signature “acts of justice” each year. Through programs such as the Stop Hunger Now and CUNY Service Corps initiatives, you will learn to make positive changes in your community, the nation and the world. A new focus area of need is adopted each month for acts of service on- and off-campus, and these civic engagement and community-building initiatives will help you follow your passion and develop your advocacy.


Your Post-Graduate Success

We prepare you for life after John Jay as an educated, emboldened and impassioned professional ready to change the world for the better. You will have access to a broad array of individualized internship, study abroad and research opportunities in New York City and elsewhere. We will work with you as you explore various career and graduate school options, test your interests through practical experiences, develop essential work and life skills, and build the alumni and professional networks that will enable you to launch and build your career.

Upon graduation, you will become part of John Jay’s global community of more than 55,000 proud alumni who know the value of the confidence and competitive edge that come with a John Jay education.

President Karol V. Mason

From the President

A promise: It's a pledge, a vow, an assurance. It's what we at John Jay make to you, our students. As you can see, the John Jay Promise — our pledge to you — revolves around one central interest: Your success.

We’ll provide the tools, the skills, the opportunities that will help you make your academic and professional dreams a reality, because your success, ultimately, can have a sweeping and enduring impact. Our promise to you, our newest “fierce advocates for justice,” comes down to this: We’ll help you do well, because we want you to do good.


We are ready to help you excel.

You do your part, and we promise to do ours.

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