Changing your address may or may not involve, or cause, a change of residency.  A change of residency will affect your tuition.  Please read the following information carefully:

1.  Changing your address from one NYS address to a different NYS address:  this will not affect your residency status.  Simply fill out this form and mail it in.

2. Changing your address from within NYS to outside of NYS: by changing your address to an address outside of New York State your residency automatically becomes out of state and your tuition rate will change to reflect that fact.  Simply fill out this form and mail it in.

3. Changing your address from outiside NYS to within NYS:  you can change your address by using this form but your residency status will not change until you come in to the Admissions office and present the documentation detailed below.  To repeat:  you cannot obtain NYS residency simply by submitting a change of address form; you must come into the Admissions office with proper documentation.  CHANGING YOUR RESIDENCY TO NYS CANNOT BE DONE THROUGH THE MAIL, BY FAX, OR OVER THE PHONE; IT MUST BE DONE IN PERSON.


In accordance with C.U.N.Y. guidelines the following documents are required in order to prove or to establish New York State residency:

Your parent's and /or your 1999 Federal and N.Y.S. income tax return with W-2 form(s). All tax returns must be signed. In addition, bring parent's or your apartment lease with dates covering all of 1999 & 2000. If you just renewed your lease make sure to bring the old one as well. Mortgage contract or deed is acceptable.

One document from above, and in addition, please provide any two of the following: *
a) N.Y.S. driver's license or non-driver ID.
b) Automobile insurance and /or registration.
c) Homeowner's or renter's insurance policy.
d) Bank statements and /or utility bills: electric, gas, telephone, credit card, and /or cable covering 12 months. Example: one bill from October 1999 & one current bill for November 2000, gives us the 12 months.
e) Voter registration card. The Board of Election prints out voter registration certificate.
f) Employer's statement on company letterhead verifying dates of employment and home address.
g) Budget letter from N.Y.S. Department of Social Services or from the Social Security Administration.
h) Selective service registration form or card and/or armed forces identification card DD form 2A(green).

* Please note that all the above documents must cover the 12 month period prior to classes beginning on January 27, 2001. Additional documents may be requested by the Office of Admissions. If you are under the age of 24, you must submit parent's tax returns.