Dismantling the Culture of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence in America: An in-depth exploration of sexual crimes and how to address them. Spring 2018

Today, we are at a critical moment in this country. Women are coming forward in droves with stories of sexual assault and harassment in disparate fields spanning decades. The semester-long initiative at John Jay College of Criminal Justice will address the issues of sexual harassment and sexual violence in a multidisciplinary manner at a time that some have described as a defining moment and tipping point in America. Read more about this initiative.

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Film Screening: Home Truth

March 6, 2018
6pm - 8:0pm
L61 (NB)


Join us for a discussion featuring

  • Karol V. Mason, President, John Jay College
  • Bea Hanson, Executive Director, NYC Domestic Violence Task Force
  • Jodie Roure, Professor, Latin American and Latina/o Studies
  • April Hayes & Katia Maguire, Directors/Producers, Home Truth

Home Truth chronicles one family's pursuit of justice after the murder of children by an abusive husband and father. The family sues the local police department and then takes their case to the U.S. Supreme court. When the Supreme Court rules against their claim, they turn to the Inter-American Commission on Hu­man Rights for justice.
This film sheds light on how our society responds to domestic violence and how the trauma can linger through generations.