Spring 2008 Contents - Vol. 1, No. 1
Michael Graves Cain’s Father (read)
Cain’s Agon with God
Cain, Alone
Ruthann Robson any reason
CL Knight What He Brought Home (read)
Sarah Cortez Dilemma
Janée J Baugher The Hope of a Man Condemned to Death
Jason Trask New Plantation (read excerpt)
Brad Johnson Texas Justice
Nancy Scott Seven-year-old boy found dead in plastic storage bin
Dana Stamps, II First Date
Kenneth E. Hartman The Absent Voice of Prisoners
Adam Cushman Felonies for which I was Never Apprehended: Chapter Sixty
Shoshauna Shy Inside the Kidnapper’s Journal (read)
The Father Privately Reacts to the Detective’s Call
Laura LeHew The Organized Offender
Salar Abdoh Birth of an Iranian Spy Novelist
Kahlil Koromantee Tuesday
Jonathan “Blaze”Sierra Come Along and Take a Walk with Me
Louis Phillips Blonde from the Coast
Marc Sheehan E-mail from Lagos Ending with a Plea for the Redeemability of the Present World
Jane Marston Visitor's Day at the State Juvenile Facility
Malaika King Albrecht Without Parole
William Orem In My Mother's Bedroom
George Guida Rome (read full story)
Philip Mahony Blunt Trauma


Fiction by Joyce Goldenstern, Brady Harrison, TR Poulson, Christopher Urban, and Dina Cox.

Poems by Pamela Morneault Gemme, Stephen Gibson, Michael Graves, Lakisha Jackson, Kristin G. Kelly, Amasa Larkins, Irene Mitchell, Bob Monson, darlene anita scott, and Paula Yup.

Nonfiction from Cynthia Cupe, Erika Dreifus, and Vance Voyles.

  • Erika Dreifus -
    My Life as a Bully

  • Joyce GoldenStern -
    Massachussetts Murder Mystery


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