Fall 2009 Contents - Vol. 2, No. 2
Deborah Digges for The Daughters of Hannah Bible
Class of Tipton, Missouri’s Women’s
Prison: Mother’s Day, 1959
Jeff P. Jones Another Cop Story (read excerpt)
Donna Reis Toro Hill
Joan Maiers Alien in Pima County (read)
Second Page Newspaper Story
Lyn Halper Besa, in Three
Tetman Callis regarding dreams and prisons
Randy Koch An NSA Wiretap Picks Up This Conversation about French Poetry, Which Results in the Arrest of Two
James O’Brien Night’s Work
Nick Conrad A Shadow
Pepa de Rivera Estambul
Francine Rubin My Basket
David Radavich Legal Cession (read)
Dell Smith Younger Things
David Salner No One Asks
Ansley Moon Saturdays
Jessie van Eerden Johnny McNear as Glimpsed through a Bus Window(read excerpt)
Peggy Landsman Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu
Mark J. Mitchell Soren Kierkegaard Witnesses an Execution
Joel Moskowitz The Upright
Meg Stone Women’s Work
Rick Kempa The Why Poem
What’s Truly Yours
Caleb Gardner Robben Island
George Guida Little Falls
Jack Granath Testimony (read)


Fiction by Joyce Goldenstern, Brady Harrison, TR Poulson, Christopher Urban, and Dina Cox.

Poems by Pamela Morneault Gemme, Stephen Gibson, Michael Graves, Lakisha Jackson, Kristin G. Kelly, Amasa Larkins, Irene Mitchell, Bob Monson, darlene anita scott, and Paula Yup.

Nonfiction from Cynthia Cupe, Erika Dreifus, and Vance Voyles.

  • Erika Dreifus -
    My Life as a Bully

  • Joyce GoldenStern -
    Massachussetts Murder Mystery


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